The History of the Festival

The Castlerea Rose Festival which is recognised as been one of the most successful and entertaining family festivals in Ireland is also one of the oldest.

With nearly a quarter of a century of experience entertaining young and not so young, it success is due to a very hard working committee and an ability to change it program to suit all who attend.

The festival origins date back o the Mardi Gras and the Castlerea Social Services who had the wisdom and foresight to put Castlerea on the Festival Calendar.

There have been many chairpersons, many secretaries, many many Roses, some helpers, numerous sponsors but the back bone of the committee has remained the same – to entertain all those who attend. During this time we have raced Ducks, Pigs, Horses, Donkeys, Mice and Bicycles just to name a few and welcomed Ambassadors, Roscommon Association members, TD’s, Mayors , Friends and Family.

We have lost committee members, regular visitors and some friends (R.I.P) but the committee has remained vibrant as ever and has something very special planned for all those who attend.

We hope to see you at this years festival.


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